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Ultimate Guide on How to Apply Eyeliner

Learning how to apply eyeliner seems a bit difficult at first. This is the reason why some women choose not to wear eyeliner. However, eyeliner can work wonders. It can make the eyes look smaller or bigger depending on how you do it. It makes your eyes expressive. Thus, it creates an impression of you. Having said this, knowing how to apply eyeliner is something every woman who is interested in makeup should know.

Because eyeliner has this ability to do magic on your looks, it can make or break your appearance. Novice users often make a mistake of pulling the eye during the application. They also do not know which kind of eyeliner to use. Making an error in applying eyeliner is also easily noticeable, especially if you’re using a black eyeliner.

For this reason, there are tons of things that you have to consider when applying eyeliner. These include the proper way to the eyeliner applicator, the shape of your eyes, the choice of eyeliner color, and more. To start with, you should know first the different types of eyeliner you can choose from.

Winged eyeliner

Different Types of Eyeliner

There are three types of eyeliner. Each has its skill level requirement and advantages.

• Pencil eyeliner
If you are just a beginner, then pencil eyeliner is ideal for you. It is the easiest one to use because of the complete control that you have in terms of application. You also have full control over the number of shades that you need.

In choosing to use pencil eyeliner, you need to maintain its tip frequently. Sharpening it ensures that it is clean and free from bacteria. However, you need to sharpen it just right for the shading application. Do not make it too sharp as it might hurt your eye.

The only con about using a pencil is its lack of precision. This doesn’t make it an ideal choice when you want to create a cat-eye look.

• Gel
Gel eyeliner is trickier to use compared to the pencil type. However, beginners can quickly learn how to use them at the drop of a hat.

This product comes in a small pot which contains the gel eyeliner. It also comes with a brush applicator. It has a thicker consistency compared to the liquid type. Gel eyeliner is easier to use than the liquid one, but you have to estimate the right amount when applying it to your eyes.
gel eyeliner

• Liquid
The liquid eyeliner is the trickiest one to use. It has a watery consistency and usually contained in a pen-like container, although some come with a brush tip.

This eyeliner is the most complicated one to use. Also, a little mistake in the application can easily be noticeable. But, the best thing about liquid eyeliner is its quality and precise finish. It is perfect for making your eyes look dramatic. As you read on, you will learn the basic way on how to apply eyeliner of a liquid type.
Liquid eyeliner

Basic Things You Need to Know in Putting on Eyeliner

Here are the basic things that you need to learn when applying eyeliner of any type.

• Choose the Perfect Eyeliner for Your Eye Shape and Skin Tone

People have different physical features. One style may work for one person but not on the other. For this reason, you have to choose the method that will make up for the not-so-good features that you have and enhance the best ones.

Putting on eyeliner

The different shapes of eyes are almond, round, upturned, downturned, small, and hooded. The almond-shaped eyes are the most ideal. Applying eyeliner on almond-shaped eyes is easy because you have to enhance what you already have. You have to start with thin lines on the inner corners of your eyes and make them thick as you go through the outer edges.

When you have round-shaped eyes, your goal is to elongate the shape of your eye horizontally. You can do this by intensifying the shades on the outer corners of your eyes. The cat-eye look is the most ideal for this eye shape.

Just like the almond shape, you just have to follow the shape of your eyes when your eyes have an upturned shape. There is a little similarity between the almond shape and the slanted shape. It is just that your lower lid looks more prominent compared to the top lid. However, you have to add a thicker line at the outer corner of your eyes.

In applying eyeliner for downturned eye shape, all you have to do is create a trick that will slightly tilt your eyes. You can do this by tilting your head back and start by making a line from the middle to the outer corners of the eye. Make sure that the line is about 45 degrees towards the outer edges.

When you have small eyes, then your goal in putting eyeliner is to make them look larger. Do it by applying nude makeup or white liner on your waterline. Avoid using black on your waterline because it will make your eyes look smaller. After that, draw a wing-like line towards the inner part starting from the outer corner of your eyes.

As you read on, you will learn how to apply eyeliner to the hooded eye shape. Application of eyeliner to this shape is the most difficult of all.

• Hold Your Eye Using Your Index and Middle Finger

When you hold your eye during the application, it will give you more control. Just do not pull too much because the eyeliner will create a bumpy appearance after the application. Also, pulling roughly might damage the delicate part of your skin.

To add stability, it will be helpful if you support your hand with your elbow on a table or a counter.

Colored eyeliner

• Choose the Color That Suits Your Eye Color
If it is your first time to use eyeliner, use brown or light gray colors first. Practice on using them until you perfect the art of how to apply eyeliner to your eyes.

If you think you can apply it with ease, you can choose the color that will complement the color of your eyes.

If your eyes are blue, choose brown color variations like copper and bronze. Green eyes may use the violet variations like purple and magenta. Girls with brown eyes should use the blue variety. Hazel eyes have plenty of choices because almost any color works for them.

• Use a Cotton Swab or Angled Brush to Fix the Mistakes
If you are a beginner on learning how to apply eyeliner, mistakes are common. You can quickly remove the stray areas by dipping the cotton swab or angled brush to makeup remover or petroleum jelly. Use it like an erase to eliminate the mistakes you make. Remember to remove the stray areas as soon as possible especially if you are using the liquid type.
If you do not have a makeup remover, you can use your concealer or primer to fix your mistakes.

• Blend
Blending is an important step that you must not forget. You can create a more natural look if you blend your eyeliner correctly. Blend, even if you are using the pencil type of eyeliner.

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Like everything in life, learning how to apply eyeliner takes practice especially if it is your first time. As it what has been said before, the liquid eyeliner is the hardest to do. It is easy to make tons of mistakes because of its watery consistency. However, with practice and consistency, you can make it perfect and gorgeous.

First of all, shake your liquid eyeliner. You want to disperse the formula throughout the content of your product.

Hold your brush flat and sideways. Do not hold it pointing directly to your eyes because of the result of the application will be messy.

There are a few ways that you can flawlessly apply your liquid eyeliner. If you are adept at using the pencil type, use it first to make it as a foundation and trace it using the liquid eyeliner.

In learning how to apply eyeliner directly using the liquid type, Line some dots on the lash line and connect them to make a line. Some women would start at the middle, then from the inner to the center, and from the center to the outer corner.

Starting directly from the inner corner and working your way to the outer edge, will make you prone to more mistakes. That is why it is better to start in the middle or create a few lines and trace them.

Apply Winged eyeliner

How to Do Winged Eyeliner

You do the winged eyeliner by creating a long, small, and thin triangle at the outer corners of your eyes. This style is helpful if you want to improve or enhance your eye shape. There are several ways on how to apply eyeliner on your lash line to create this look.

If you are new to this style, you can use some other household tools to guide you through styling. If you have a clean credit card, tape, or small round lip balm tin, you can use them as a stencil for creating that perfect winged eyeliner.

If you are using a card or a tape, place it diagonally at the corner of your eye, and trace along the line using eyeliner. After that, create a small triangle to fill the gaps.

If you choose a small, round container as your stencil, directly line its edge at the corner of your eye. Trace using your eyeliner.

It is also easy mastering how to apply eyeliner directly without stencils to create a winged look. You can start by creating some dotted lines on how you want your eyeliner to look like, and connect the dots.

You can also do it by applying the eyeliner in a basic way, extend a little bit at the corner of your eyes. Create a triangle, and fill in the gaps.

Use a cotton swab or angled brush dabbed to a makeup remover or concealer to fix the mistakes.

Application of Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes, primer or concealer is your best friend. When you are still practicing how to apply eyeliner to hooded eyes, it can truly get a little messy. Creating that cat-eye look will be a challenge.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Create a line along the lash line.
  2. Open your eyes and look in the mirror.
  3. Streak along the lash line with your eyes open and stop at the fold.
  4. To create winged eyeliner, use your index finger to pull the outer corner of your eye upward gently.
  5. Elongate the eyeliner at the edge of your eye passing the fold.
  6. Fill the gaps.

Eyeliner Hacks That You Would Want to Know

• When learning how to apply eyeliner, it is best to use an eyeshadow primer before the application. The primer will make the application easier and will prevent it from smudging.

• In addition to primer, use a loose or translucent powder as a base before the application. It will further prevent your eyeliner from smudging because it will absorb the oil produced by your skin.

• If you do not have eyeliner at hand, you can use mascara and eyeshadow as a replacement. Also, if you want a custom gel liner, simply warm the tip of the kohl liner.

• To prolong your eyeliner, add some eyeshadow on it with the same color. Also, the eyeshadow can enhance the appearance of your eyeliner especially if you want to achieve that cat-eye look.

• When you cannot apply eyeliner because it has become crumbly, freeze it for about 10 minutes.

• You can use white eyeliner to pop out the color of the eyeshadow by applying it first.

• Apply white or nude liner at the waterline if you want to brighten up your eyes

• Streak a glitter liner on top of the black eyeliner at the corner of your eye if you want to add a little shimmer.

• Aside from the makeup remover, concealer, and petroleum jelly, you can hide your small mistakes through skin-colored eyeliner.

• To apply eyeliner with a more natural look, use a brown color.

It is indeed complicated and even sometimes scary to apply eyeliner especially if it is your first time. However, if the other girls can do it, so can you. All you need is a lot of practice and dedication and one day you’ll just wing it.


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