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How to Master Creating Eyeshadow Ideas When You’re a Beginner

Makeup is a tool that helps enhance your beauty. One major foundation to this is eyeshadow. A number of makeup aficionados often generate multiple eyeshadow ideas to be followed through video tutorials. These ideas serve different purposes, whether it be for weddings, parties, or just casual occasions. It isn’t easy to come up with such ideas because they require a lot of creativity and skill to execute amazing eyeshadow looks.

How to Create Eyeshadow Ideas

Most people think that you need to have vast knowledge in cosmetics to do this, but it really just takes creativity. You can come up with inspiration from anything, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating different eyeshadow looks. This is why most makeup artists create different challenges with eyeshadow the most.

Eyeshadow ideas

Why You Shouldn’t Be Intimidated by Eyeshadow

It’s easy to be intimidated by makeup, eyeshadow even more so. Makeup vloggers often mention that you should be careful when treading the waters of creative looks and smokey eyes. The key to this is confidence. Skills are acquired through practice, and you would be blending like a professional.

Sure, you could be safe and attempt just simple looks, but you shouldn’t let people discourage you. Doing your eyeshadow doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. You should believe in your skill as a person.

How to Execute Eyeshadow Looks

Grab a brush. It may seem really difficult at first, but you have to start somewhere. Always remember the tips you read or watch when you’re looking through a bunch of eyeshadow ideas. Remember to prime your eyes with an eyeshadow base or concealer; this makes a better base for your eyeshadow to stick. Before applying your eyeshadow, set the base with a neutral-colored powder so that the application of your transition shade isn’t streaky.

Most tutorials run through this process, but it’s important when attempting bold looks. The presence of an eyeshadow base makes the colors more vibrant and long-lasting. Too many people say that  heir eyeshadow creases, but the presence of a base will give it a solid foundation to stick to.

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How to Become a Blending Expert

There are a lot of techniques that can be applied when putting on eyeshadow. This can be circular motions, windshield wiper motions, swirling and swiping, pressing, and packing the eyeshadow into your eye. All these motions can give you variations. That’s why you have to study the eyeshadow look you are going for and see just how intense you need the color to be.

For example, packing and circular motions will give you an intense color immediately, whereas swiping it on with windshield wiper motions will give you a more “blown-out” look. This is a term that pertains to a more diffused color.

If you are a beginner in eyeshadows, you shouldn’t be alarmed. There are wide varieties of eyeshadow looks, and there are always new eyeshadow ideas popping up. Take the time to learn the techniques and the tips, and you could be creating your own looks sooner than you expect to.


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