How to Properly Apply Eyeshadow for Beginners

One of the commonly searched tutorials on YouTube is “How to apply eyeshadow for beginners.” This often comes with makeup gurus describing their process, the products used, and the blending technique used. Despite this, some people still struggle to apply their eyeshadow nicely, and it becomes discouraging. Here’s how to figure out the right eye makeup application:

Look for a Guru With the Same Eye Shape as Yours

Since everyone is unique, this depicts that you wouldn’t have the same eye shape as the beauty guru you’re watching. For all you know, you could be applying the eyeshadow correctly for a completely different shape.

The different eye shapes are hooded lids, mono-lids, almond shaped, upturned, circle eyes, down-turned, closely spaced, and wide-spaced eyes. Each and every one of these shapes calls for a different technique to be applied. Before you look for tutorials that teach you application of eyeshadow for beginners, start by looking for a beauty guru who has the same eye shape as yours.
beginners eyeshadow tutorial

Get the Necessary Tools

This is not clarified enough in makeup tutorials, and people begin with too many brushes than they actually need. When doing a simple eye look, you will need at most five brushes. You will need two blending brushes, one flat brush, and two fluffy brushes. For the simplest, you can even get away with just a blending brush and a flat brush.

You also don’t need to invest in expensive makeup brushes; a lot of companies offer cheap synthetic brushes that blend as well as real hair. When attempting an eyeshadow look, don’t overspend on makeup brushes because you won’t get to use all of them.
Eyeshadow tools

Grab a Basic Palette

When you’re only starting on makeup, it’s so easy to get blinded by palettes with 25 colors or even palettes that feature the vibrant shades of the rainbow. The problem with this is that you rarely use those colors when you’re attempting a simple eye look. Those colors look fun now, but you’ll find that you don’t use them often or sometimes at all.

Grab a palette that has at least three brown shades, matte preferably, two shimmer shades, and a black matte. The matte shades are specified because neutral eyeshadow looks rarely use shimmery eyeshadows for transition shades. Aside from that, you are going to need neutral matte shades in any type of eyeshadow look, which is why these are stapled palettes.

You can eventually invest in fun eyeshadow palettes when you create more unique eyeshadow looks, but for now, purchase neutral palettes with the basic shades.

Applying eyeshadow for beginners doesn’t have to be difficult. It takes a lot of practice, but it’s definitely not impossible to learn. Applying eyeshadow is a skill, and like any other skill, it takes time and patience to be able to do it the way most beauty gurus do. Don’t be discouraged if you have had blunders before, because everyone has to start somewhere.

Don’t worry about spending on the best palette when it comes to eyeshadow for beginners. It’s better to invest in basic palettes with neutral colors so you can be sure to use all the colors in the palette.
Palette eyeshadow


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