How to Perfect the Natural Eye Makeup

One eyeshadow look that is commonly taught through video tutorials is natural eye makeup. This look is both simple and complex, which is why it can be quite a challenge to beginners. Like all eyeshadow looks, you have to practice it before you actually master it. Here are four simple tips to perfect that natural look:

Set the Right Eyeshadow Base

A common mistake that most beginners commit is not applying a base for their eyeshadow. On the contrary, it is an important part of this process. You can use an eyeshadow primer or even a concealer as your base. This is so your eyeshadow doesn’t crease from the oils of your eyelids. Since the eyelids tend to get oily after a while, it’s
necessary to have a base to increase the longevity of your eyeshadow looks. You may not know this, but priming your lids before applying eyeshadow gives you a more vibrant color. Your eyeshadow will not show creases easily and also last longer.

natural makeup palette

Purchase a Neutral Palette

When you’re just starting out in applying makeup, it’s very easy to get blind-sided by colorful palettes. The problem with this is that you don’t need these colors when achieving a natural eye makeup look. It’s always best to buy a basic palette and not the ones that have like 80 colors. The only colors you need are three matte brown shades, two shimmer shades, one matte bone shade, and one matte black shade. With these neutral shades, you can already create a variety of looks.

Acquire the Necessary Tools

Most beginners often commit the common mistake of buying too many makeup brushes and not being able to use them all. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you’re just starting out, having a basic set that contains a blending brush, a fluffy brush, and a flat brush is more than enough. You can purchase more brushes when you’re more acquainted with how they function. Buying too many brushes will be too expensive. It may be tempting to buy brush sets, but the problem with that is you don’t need all of the brushes. It’s always good to have extras, but you don’t need to start with 20 brushes to build skill.

Natural eye makeup

Find Your Specific Eye Shape

Another common problem observed with beginners is that they watch beauty gurus who don’t have the same eye shape. This causes the application to be a disaster and can be discouraging. Finding a beauty guru that has the same eye shape as yours will help you learn the natural eye makeup look better. This is important if you want to master applying eyeshadow. When it comes to doing eyeshadow looks, it’s easy to be discouraged. Everyone has to start
somewhere, and if initially, you aren’t as good, it doesn’t hurt to practice. Most recognized makeup artists started without any background on cosmetology, which is why you shouldn’t worry about not having astounding outputs in the first try. Eyeshadow is one of the easiest parts of the makeup application to repurpose. It’s versatile, and you should definitely try it out by doing natural eye makeup.


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