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How to Master the Smokey Eyes Look

One eyeshadow look that is commonly feared by beginners is the smokey eyes look. This may seem to be complex, but what most makeup beginners don’t understand is that it doesn’t actually have to be so difficult. Attempting this look requires mostly blending, and even then, it doesn’t have to be precise.

Set the Right Base

Before anything, apply an eyeshadow base to your eye. Although most people assume that smokey eyes are just using the darkest colors immediately, this isn’t exactly correct. Applying an eyeshadow base gives your eyeshadow something to stick to, and of course, you’re going to want it to set.

The concept is that your eyeshadow should last all throughout the time you are out and about. Having the right base can make any such look polished and last long. To set a base, you can either use an eyeshadow primer or a concealer; the important step is to set it before placing the eyeshadow.

Start Slowly When Applying Colors

A rookie mistake when it comes to smokey eyes look is packing on the color. The best way to have a clean look is by gradually adding the eyeshadow. This gives you space for adjustments when you think a color is too dark. Aside from that, packing on the dark shadows may turn your look muddy, and that’s not a cute look at all.

Start with a transition shade. This is usually a light to medium shade; this also makes it easier for you to make a gradient from light to dark.

Blend Eyeshadow Properly

With all the eyeshadow application techniques, there’s no specific one when it comes to doing a smokey eye. The important thing is that you blend it enough so it doesn’t look harsh, but not too much that the color disappears completely. In order to master a smokey eye, the shadows should look smoked out but not harsh.

Everyone often commits a mistake when it comes to blending. It is either too blended or not blended enough. Practice a brown smokey eye first, and see how you can blend three shades of brown without making it look like you smeared mud on your eyelids.


Remember to Highlight Essential Features

A smokey eye is definitely dark and dusky, but that means you have to bring balance. Highlight the brow bone or that under your brow if you have no distinct bone structure and your inner eyelid corner. Highlighting your inner eye corner makes your eyes open up, in contrast to the dark colors that tend to give your eyes a shut look.

Highlighting your brow bone will give you a more lifted look, and it also highlights the blending of your crease. This is why you should practice blending before anything else. Attempting smokey eyes look doesn’t have to be difficult. If at first, you find yourself looking like a panda, take a makeup wipe and start again. Don’t be discouraged by intense colors because you will eventually master applying eyeshadow like a professional artist.


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