Ultimate Guide on How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro for Dark Skin

With the right makeup, anyone can level up their looks and beauty! Applying makeup is a form of art; hence everything should mix and blend well. Similar to people with light complexions, people with darker complexions might have problems with finding the best shade. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and even shades. Use this guide on how to apply makeup like a pro for dark skin. Bring out your best beauty with these simple steps.

First and Foremost, Moisturize!

Make this the first step in your beauty regimen list: apply moisturizer. Before applying makeup, remember that you need to give your skin something to quench on, especially if you are someone who has dry skin. Prep your skin before you grab your favorite primer or foundation.

After you shower, apply a good moisturizer on your face and body. Aside from keeping your skin hydrated, moisturizer will also give you a glowing look. Furthermore, if your lips tend to dry often, give your lips a treat with some lip gloss to make them moisturized and shine.

Dark skin red Eyeshadow

Pick the Right Foundation

Beware; there are foundations advertised stating that it’s the “best foundation ever”. As tempted as you are to pick these up from the store, always go for the one that matches your natural complexion the most.

If you can’t find the perfect shade that does, try to find two different shades of foundation – one lighter than your skin and the other one darker. The light shade is to help your face achieve more of a glow while the dark shade is to help even out any discoloration mishaps you’ll encounter along the way.

Give Your Best Blush

Like with the foundation, go for shades of powdered blush that match your skin tone the most. Peach and bronze are good tan-to-brown tones to use. If you want more of a pinkish or red tint on your cheeks, go for either wine or rose shades. Avoid using yellowish tints unless you want to use bold colors for your look.

blush on darkskin

As mentioned earlier, the key to achieving the best makeup look is finding the right shades that complement your skin tone. This applies from foundation to blush. But what about adding color to your lips? Any shade of lipstick will do. However, you should match the shades of your
eyeshadow and lipstick.

Finish It All Up

Once you have picked out your supplies, you are ready to take the ultimate step on how to apply makeup like a pro for dark skin. When applying most makeup products, a fail-proof method would be blending. You can do this with your blending brush, your sponge, or even the tips of your fingers. Blending helps the makeup settles on your face better than only applying it and leaving it be. More importantly, blending allows the makeup to look like it’s seamless on your face.

The final step is usually the finishing touch: applying powder or setting spray. These two products will help your makeup stay in place hours after the application. You could use either one but usually, the setting spray would need less retouch and would last longer.

When putting everything together, take your time and don’t rush it. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Use bold colors and try on different shades of blush and lipsticks. See what you will enjoy and remember to have fun with your makeup.
red lipstick on dark skin


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