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How to Film Your First Eyeshadow Tutorial When You’re a Beginner

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who just enjoys makeup, there comes a point in your life when you want to attempt an eyeshadow tutorial. This seems difficult because watching beauty gurus like NikkieTutorials gives you a sense of inadequacy. A lot of processes are involved in creating a high-quality makeup tutorial, but that doesn’t make it impossible.

Establish the Type of Eyeshadow Look

With variations of eyeshadow looks in the world, it can be so difficult to choose; but it doesn’t have to be. In this day and age, achieving a good smokey eye can be done in a snap of your fingers. However, before filming an eyeshadow tutorial, it would be smart to decide on what you want to teach first.

Aside from that, establishing the look you want can help you conceptualize how you’re going to shoot for the eyeshadow look and which setting would make it stand out most.

First eyeshadow tutorial

Practice the Eyeshadow Look

When you watch tutorials, beauty gurus make it seem so easy, but what they don’t often say is how many times they’ve done the eyeshadow look. It takes a lot of practice to perfect the blending skills and tips of every beauty guru, which is why you should practice too.

Beauty gurus always exert their best efforts to make their tutorials flawless. This is why it’s important to rehearse and work on the look all the time. Filming isn’t always the hardest part; rather, the execution of the tutorial is the most challenging.

Be Confident in Your Skill Set

Maybe you’re a beginner with a few years of learning from makeup tutorials. This doesn’t have to deter you when you want to film your own eyeshadow tutorial. Having confidence in what you can do is so much better than doubting yourself in a skill you haven’t mastered.

Every skill can be learned, and if you fail the first time, keep practicing until you get it. You won’t get anywhere if you give up easily, so pick up the brush and start blending.

Film Your Makeup Tutorial

When you have finally practiced your blending and the look you’re going for, film the tutorial. You may stumble at some point or maybe become nervous, but the key is to be authentic. Having the skills isn’t enough; you have to have an attitude that will make your future audiences stay hooked into watching your video into completion. Most people complain that beauty gurus talk too much, while others like a more engaging tutorial. Either way, being true to yourself is the best you can do when doing a makeup tutorial.

Whether it’s a smokey eye or a cut-crease, never let your fear get ahead of you when you film your first eyeshadow tutorial. Gain the skills by practicing and be confident in yourself. Although not everyone is going to be warm and welcoming, this shouldn’t hinder you from sharing your skills with the beauty industry. Trust yourself and your skill set, and the audience will follow you soon after.
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