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    Makeup Hacks: How to Blend Foundation Without a Beauty Blender

    Makeup Hacks

    The beauty blender works wonders when you have it on hand. The cute little makeup tool is small enough to fit in any bag, which can be a lifesaver when you need to retouch your makeup quick when there’s a beauty emergency. But, what if you are in a situation where you don’t have your […] More

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    Ultimate Guide on How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro for Dark Skin

    how to apply makeup like a pro for dark skin

    With the right makeup, anyone can level up their looks and beauty! Applying makeup is a form of art; hence everything should mix and blend well. Similar to people with light complexions, people with darker complexions might have problems with finding the best shade. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and even shades. Use this […] More

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    Eye Glamour 101: How to Do a Smokey Eye Like a Pro

    Eyeshadow dark skin woman

    The smokey eye is the makeup version of the LBD. It’s sexy, sophisticated, classic, and will give you that extra “I look hot; I can take over the world” confidence. Unlike other eye makeup that depends on the eye color, this is not just makeup for blue eyes. Although smokey eyes for blue eyes are […] More

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    Ultimate Guide on How to Apply Eyeliner

    Eyeliner color green

    Learning how to apply eyeliner seems a bit difficult at first. This is the reason why some women choose not to wear eyeliner. However, eyeliner can work wonders. It can make the eyes look smaller or bigger depending on how you do it. It makes your eyes expressive. Thus, it creates an impression of you. […] More

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    How to Perfect the Natural Eye Makeup

    Natural makeup

    One eyeshadow look that is commonly taught through video tutorials is natural eye makeup. This look is both simple and complex, which is why it can be quite a challenge to beginners. Like all eyeshadow looks, you have to practice it before you actually master it. Here are four simple tips to perfect that natural […] More

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    How to Properly Apply Eyeshadow for Beginners

    Beginners eyeshadow

    One of the commonly searched tutorials on YouTube is “How to apply eyeshadow for beginners.” This often comes with makeup gurus describing their process, the products used, and the blending technique used. Despite this, some people still struggle to apply their eyeshadow nicely, and it becomes discouraging. Here’s how to figure out the right eye […] More

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    How to Master the Smokey Eyes Look

    Smokey eye

    One eyeshadow look that is commonly feared by beginners is the smokey eyes look. This may seem to be complex, but what most makeup beginners don’t understand is that it doesn’t actually have to be so difficult. Attempting this look requires mostly blending, and even then, it doesn’t have to be precise. Set the Right […] More

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    How to Film Your First Eyeshadow Tutorial When You’re a Beginner

    Whether you’re a beginner or someone who just enjoys makeup, there comes a point in your life when you want to attempt an eyeshadow tutorial. This seems difficult because watching beauty gurus like NikkieTutorials gives you a sense of inadequacy. A lot of processes are involved in creating a high-quality makeup tutorial, but that doesn’t […] More

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    How to Master Creating Eyeshadow Ideas When You’re a Beginner

    Eyeshadow ideas

    Makeup is a tool that helps enhance your beauty. One major foundation to this is eyeshadow. A number of makeup aficionados often generate multiple eyeshadow ideas to be followed through video tutorials. These ideas serve different purposes, whether it be for weddings, parties, or just casual occasions. It isn’t easy to come up with such […] More

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